North American Centre for Reparenting
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The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are about 2.5 million households headed by grandparents who were raising their grandchildren. (2000 census) In Canada, another 57,000 (2001 census) families with children have grandparents as their primary caregiver(s).

The Problem
While there are several Websites dedicated to this subject, there hasnít to date been a "one stop shopping" solution for people in this situation. Organizations dedicated to the raising of grandchildren tend to have limited constituencies, either regional, national or some special need (mental illness, developmental disabilities, etc).

The Waycool Solution
The site is an informational one that targets grandparents charged with raising their grandchildren. Our design employed a more text-based approach for transferring knowledge. We also designed the site with the over-40 user in mind, using high contrast colors and a large sans-serif font for easier reading. The search functions are well defined and the results appear in a separate, small window in order to keep the user engaged with the site itself.

The Results
The site is currently "live" while the NACFR awaits non-profit designation from the United States and Canadian governments.