Integrated Health Care Clinic
Heuristic Evaluation

Integrated Health Care Clinic is a two doctor holistic health care clinic located in Niwot, Colorado. Drs Darryl Hobson and Debby Belote have been practicing in Boulder County for 22 years and offer, among other services, Chiropractic Care, Acupuncture and dietary supplements.

The Problem
The content of the current site is pertinent, informative and important. However, the current architecture of the site prevents the visitor from utilizing the content. Navigation and information architecture concerns abound with 30 possible global navigation choices in a persistent side bar with six additional (redundant) choices accessible through text links at the top of the page. These issues prevent the site from reaching its full potential.

The Waycool Solution
Our initial consultation consisted of a complete heuristic evaluation based on Jakob Nielsenís 10 heuristics of interface design. Additionally, we included as part of the report, a proposed new site map excluding the online pharmacy. This section of the site will require substantial input from Drs Hobson and Belote prior to finalizing the information design.

The Results
This report was delivered to IHC on December 11, 2007.