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Horizon Counceling and Education is a small organizaton based in Lakewood, Colorado specializing in court ordered drug and alcohol treatment and monitoring. Additionally, the Director, Tammy Lovejoy lectures on issues regarding drinking driving.

The Problem
Horizon's existing site wasn't providing them with the professional Web Presense they desired. Most of the content was images of text rather than searchable text, the site didn't meet current standards and the design was of a much older style. The appearence presented was one of a "home made" site and, Ms. Lovejoy and her staff realized their presense needed an upgrade.

The Waycool Solution
The site was designed to give the visitor a sense of the professionalism and care with which Horizon Counseling treats each of its clients. The text and highlight colors were chosen from the company's sunset inspired logo. The open design also allows for further expansion of the site without need for costly redesigns.

The Results
Since "going live" in early April, 2008, Horizon has had a great deal of positive feedback from members of the legal, probation and court systems regarding the site. In addition, there are anticdotal indications of an increase in case load at Horizon Counseling.