Capilano College
Heuristic Evaluation

Capilano College is a small college with 3 campuses in British Columbia. It offers a variety of Diploma and Degree Programs and has an enrollment of approximately 7,200 credit and 7,000 non-credit students.

The Problem
As with many College and University Websites, Capilano’s attempts to serve the college community at large, students, faculty and staff from a single point of entry. This approach resulted in a site that was hard to navigate, inconsistent and difficult to use for members of each of the constituencies. We evaluated the general usability of the site and provided recommendations for improvement.

The Waycool Solution
Rather than delve directly into user testing, we provided the College with an expert evaluation and report based on the 10 heuristics of interface design.

The Results
To date, there has been no action taken by the College's Web Development team.