Businesswoman Books
Public Website

Businesswoman Books is an ebook publishing company in Vancouver. The principal, Jennifer DeTracey is a Marketing person who has written 2 ebooks aimed at helping self-employed women reach their goals.

The Problem
Ms. DeTracey wanted a site that would serve primarily as a data mining tool and, secondarily, as an outlet for her ebooks. Her goal is to gather email addresses to promote her public speaking engagements through direct email campaigns and a bi-monthly newsletter. The appearence she was looking for was a toned down version of Matthew Lesko’s television commercials. The client provided nearly all of the text content. The graphics, with the exception of the book covers, were created by Waycool Media.

The Waycool Solution
The site was designed to appear as a "Sales Letter" to potential clients. We also added a sidebar with immediate buy opportunities as well as a signup form for the newsletter. This provides the visitor with an opportunity to achieve her goals (sign up for the newsletter or buy an ebook) without having to wade through the marketing letter. First names and email addresses are gathered through the signup process for the newsletter and from the forms required to receive the ebooks The database is a simple mailing list with autoresponders set to send a welcoming email and/or an email with instructions for downloading the ebook(s) when a new contact has been added to the list. The client's ISP provided the front-end tools for the construction of the mailing lists.

The Results
To date, the mailing list derived from the download of the free ebook contains over 300 email addresses. The newsletter only list contains over 100. All indications point to an increase in traffic and, the company has received positive press in the local market.